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DLP is not an easy product to implement and manage. Out-of-the-box settings often don't meet specific goals needed by the organization and initial settings may not be as effective unless they are updated as an organization's priorities change. To protect you effectively, to solve the pain that keeps you up at night, your DLP solution needs to be optimized based on your specific business priorities.

When a DLP solution is not optimized to your exact use case, it creates excessive management for you and your team, or becomes expensive shelf ware.

Implemented and managed correctly, DLP solutions will account for:
  • Requirements and policies defined specifically for your organization
  • A rule set and policies that are strict enough to protect you; but not too strict to create many false-positives
  • A risk assessment of data, data-owners and data custodians that results in a prioritized list of assets to be protected
  • Changes in business that result in a need to alter DLP protocols
A DLP Optimization Review will analyze your DLP implement and uncover:
  • Possible leaks or holes in your current DLP implementation
  • Clearly delineated listing of the associated risks that you can share with your management team
  • A plan of action for simple steps you can take to rectify any negative findings
You will be able to share the report with your management showing them the kinds of vulnerabilities that could expose your data either maliciously or accidentally. The report will include steps required to close off any penetration points to protect your most critical data assets.

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